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You want to invest your money and benefit from the compound interest effect? With our compound interest calculator you can easily calculate how high the compound interest will be over a certain investment period, regardless of whether you make an investment or invest in an accumulating fund. Simply enter the corresponding values and let us calculate your individual result. Would you like to try it out for yourself?


If you invest over {year_length} years, {payout_interval} {savings} at {interest_rate}, you will end up with a final capital of {final_capital}. These are composed of from {total_deposits} deposits and {payments} of interest or investment income.


Compound interest calculator: Calculate compound interest online

You want to calculate the compound interest effect of your investments, but find it a bit difficult to calculate? With our practical compound interest calculator you can easily calculate the value online. Which values are relevant for the calculator and how you can evaluate the calculation, we tell you in the following.

Compound interest: Which values are relevant?

You want to calculate your individual compound interest effect, but the formula is too complicated for you? We have kept our compound interest calculator extra simple so that you can easily calculate your values online. There are 5 fields in total, where you enter or select the appropriate value.

  • Initial capital: You already have an available capital for the start? Great, then you can enter the value here.
  • Savings rate: In addition to the one-time payment, you can set a savings rate. We recommend that you do not let this fall below 10% of your net salary. If possible even a little above
  • Savings duration: As the title of the field suggests, you specify here how long you want to save for your goal. The compound interest effect takes time. Therefore, the sooner, the better.  
  • Annual interest rate or yield: The most uncertain variable in the compound interest calculation, but at the same time a variable with considerable effect. If the interest rate changes by just 1 or 2 %, it already has a major impact on the overall result of the interest calculation.  
  • Distribution interval: Here you specify whether you use a monthly or annual interest model. Both variants exist, but the annual one is more common.

How do I define the monthly savings rate?

Feel free to try out different values for the "Monthly savings rate" and "Savings period" fields. This will help you to get an idea of how you can effectively achieve your financial goal. If you want to design a savings plan for the compound interest calculator, it can also help to keep a budget book to calculate the possible savings rate.

Here you note down all your monthly income and expenses. This makes it easier for you to get an idea of what monthly savings rate is feasible for you.

Why is the savings period crucial?

To understand this, you can consider the meaning of the term. Compound interest means "interest on interest". In the case of long-term investment, the effect can occur that the interest of the investment is reinvested and thus yields interest itself. However, in order to achieve exactly this procedure, it is important to invest long enough.

Compound interest calculator: choose monthly or annual interest?

Most interest models are calculated per year. Then the capital is transferred once a year, usually at the end of the year. However, there are also monthly variants. These have a decisive advantage: If the interest or compound interest is taken into account more frequently during the current interest period, investors: inside usually also benefit from a faster increase in profit.

Why is it worth calculating compound interest with the calculator?

The compound interest effect is not only an exciting concept in the world of finance, but also an important component if you want to build up wealth. Most investors understand the basic principle and know the formula to calculate the effect themselves. For many, however, the calculation is very abstract and not everyone can imagine the effect in the long run.

That is why it is important to us that we can offer you a compound interest calculator. This allows you to get a good idea of your individual effect after just a few entries. The diagram illustrates the results visually.

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