Your money is safe with us

The security of your money is important to us and is our top priority. Find out below how we implement security and protection.

Your money, our priority

Moniflo will operate with a full investment firm license under strict EU laws and regulations. This means that your funds up to €20,000 are protected by the Luxembourg Deposit Guarantee Scheme - and that your money and Moniflo investment account are safe. Learn more about the other security settings and measures to protect your finances below.

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Together for your protection

We work with trusted partners and payment institutions to keep your cash deposits safe.

Our payment partner is subject to both national and EU payment regulations that ensure the safety of your money.

Your investments are fully segregated and held in trust with unlimited protection.

Additional security

SSL encryption

Secured by 256-bit encryption, so only you and Moniflo can access your personal and financial information

Protecting your money

State-of-the-art MPC technology prevents unauthorized access to your equipment

Security at bank level

Multi-level security to protect your money and information, including secure servers


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