Values-based investing with Moniflo explained

No need to be an expert to invest sustainably with Moniflo. Choose the impact you want to have and we show you the matching investments.
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Values-based investing

Choose your impact

Select the topics that matter to you the most. We will show you the funds that best match your values.

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Values-based investing

Choose your exclusions

Tell us the industries and activities you want to avoid. We will make sure that no funds are suggested to you that invest in these areas.

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Values-based investing

Rate the funds you see

Each fund has impact scores that tell you whether the companies or securities it invests in are aligned with the 16 UN Sustainable Development Goals covered by the app.

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Values-based investing

Watch your influence grow

Track in your personal herbarium how the impact of your investments grows.

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"Moniflo stands for using money wisely so that people and the planet can flourish."
Georges Bock, Founder and Managing Director
Moniflo CEO and Founder Georges Bock
How we measure efficiency

Moniflo goes beyond financial returns to look at the real-world impact of every investment fund on the app. Our focus is on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including zero hunger and reduced inequalities.

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Why we trust the data

Reliable partner

We work with Clarity AI, a provider of sustainable impact data, to obtain the impact measurement displayed in Moniflo.

60 + relevant metrics

Tracked and measured by Clarity AI. That's twice as many metrics as most other efficiency providers.

Hundreds of sources

How data from public institutions and scientific articles to understand what actions of the company can have what impact

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