What are the exclusions with Moniflo?

Georges Bock
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Georges Bock

What are "exclusions" at Moniflo?

How to eliminate business practices you consider harmful or unethical.

When we started developing Moniflo, we wanted to find ways to give people who invest in funds more control over the impact of their money. Being able to avoid investments they thought were harmful was an important way to do that. So we set out to find data to make this possible.  

On what basis something is excluded

If you use an exclusion filter in Moniflo, you will only see funds that are not engaged in the topic you selected. For example, do you want to exclude "nuclear energy"? Then you will not see funds that invest in companies that are either directly or indirectly involved in the generation of or participation in nuclear energy.

Our exclusion principle - A deeper insight  

We partner with Clarity AI, a provider of sustainable impact data. This collaboration gives us the appropriate basis for the exclusions you see in Moniflo.  

Clarity AI examines both direct and indirect corporate involvement in 18 sensitive issues such as coal, meat and palm oil. We have included the full list at the end of this article.  

Prior to launch, we analyzed over 30 data providers and met with more than 15 of them in person or over the phone to gain an understanding of how they operate and to ensure that the data was as accurate and useful as possible.  

We maintain close contact with Clarity AI and have gained insight into their methodology and engagement. Constantly reviewing and improving the data is the focus.  


Simply invest sustainably

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Georges Bock is the CEO and founder of Moniflo. He sees money and investing as a way to shape the future by taking a bottom-up approach. He lives in Luxembourg with his family and his dog Yola and enjoys nothing more than watching his two children discover the world.


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