• Moniflo raises 3 million euros in equity from existing investors.   
  • Capital shall be invested in the product development and the pan-European expansion.   
  • Moniflo will open the app to a broader user base in Luxembourg within the next weeks and will kick off European expansion with Germany at the end of February.     


Bertrange (Luxembourg), January 22, 2024 - The values-based investment platform Moniflo today announced the raise of 3 Million euros of equity. Primarily sourced from existing shareholders, the capital raised will be strategically utilized to boost Moniflo's mission to deliver values-based investing to the masses – making it affordable, accessible, and simple. In addition, it will leverage the pan-European rollout in the coming weeks. The capital raised follows after the reception of the CSSF Investment Firm License and the closed alpha launch of its’ investment app in Luxembourg, based on the license. 

"This capital raise is a testament to the unwavering support and belief in our vision to make people’s money matter. It signifies not just an infusion of funds but an endorsement of Moniflo's mission to make values-based investing a cornerstone of the financial landscape. We are excited about the opportunities ahead as we expand our reach and empower individuals to invest with purpose," says Georges Bock, Founder & CEO of Moniflo. 

In addition, the funding will be dedicated to fostering greater product development and innovation. Moniflo's ambitious goal is to create an investment app unlike any other, blurring the lines between consumer-centric design and AI-driven tailored customer support tools. This innovative approach reflects the company's commitment to providing users with an unparalleled investment experience that allows a 100% individualised investment decision when it comes to the user’s values.   

Public launch in Luxembourg and expansion to Germany‍

Moniflo also today announced that the app successfully passed its closed alpha test and will launch for customers in Luxembourg already in the next few weeks. Also, Moniflo kicks off its pan-European expansion. At the end of February Moniflo will launch fully localised in Germany for consumers who want to make an impact with their investments. More markets will join in the course of 2024.  


“Sustainable finance plays a pivotal role in fostering a more sustainable economy and advancing the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By integrating environmental, social, and governance into investment decisions, we can direct capital towards initiatives that not only generate financial returns but also contribute positively to societal and environmental well-being. Our platform for values-based investing, contributes to democratising access to sustainable finance, making it inclusive and transparent. We remain committed to our goal and look forward to making the next steps on this journey.,"Martin Vogel, Investor and Member of Moniflo's Board.  


CSSF Investment Firm License for affordable, accessible, and simple investing 

Moniflo concludes its capital raise, marking the culmination of a stellar 2023 that showcases the ambition, innovation, and dedication of the young company. The year positioned itself as a pivotal moment for Moniflo, poised to catapult as the EU's premier values-based investment platform. The milestones achieved, including securing the CSSF Investment Firm License, receiving awards like the Luxembourg Fintech of the Year Award, the Global ESGFintech 100 nomination and the international App Design Award “the Green One” as well as the successful platform launch for an exclusive early user group, reflect the company's commitment to excellence. With the CSSF Investment Firm License, Moniflo can offer investment solutions that are more affordable, accessible, and simpler for retail investors in comparison with existing solutions.  


About us 

Moniflo is a digital marketplace for values-based investing. The goal is to transform challenges into opportunities for meaningful and inclusive financial participation. The two-sided marketplace bridges the gap between European funds seeking innovation and a new group of investors eager to align their investments with their beliefs and values. With the CSSF Investment Firm License, Moniflo can offer investment solutions that are more affordable, accessible, and simpler for retail investors in comparison with existing solutions. Moniflo consists of a highly experienced international team based in Luxemburg, around the founder and CEO Georges Bock.    

More information: https://www.moniflo.com/ 


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