These are the best finance blogs in Germany

Georges Bock
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Georges Bock

These are the best finance blogs in Germany

Would you like to delve deeper into the exciting world of funds, shares and the like? You don't have to read boring books. Quite the opposite. There are now many informative financial blogs where experts in the industry share their knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and free of charge. This way you get an overview of trends and market developments.

The blog articles usually cover a mixture of financial expertise and valuable tips that are presented in an interesting and practical way. For this reason, financial blogs are a great tool, especially for beginners, to immerse themselves in the world of investment funds, shares and the like.

In addition, developments that are always on the move and trends that circulate on the web offer many opportunities for investing money that brings profit and suits you. But you need to know what's happening in the financial world.

For this reason, we at Moniflo would like to present you the most important finance blogs in Germany. We hope you have fun discovering and reading them!

Top finance blogs in Germany: These are our favorites

The financial blog "Frugalists"

As the name of the blog suggests, this blog is about a frugalist lifestyle. This means living as frugally and frugally as possible in order to retire early thanks to frugality.  

The author of the blog pursues this goal himself and wants to offer information and exchange with his contributions. In addition, you get valuable advice on how to minimize costs and increase income at the same time. So it should be possible to retire before your 40th birthday!?  

The financial blog "Geldfrau"  

This financial blog is especially aimed at the female part of the population. With the help of her wealth of experience as a money coach and business journalist, the author wants to support women in achieving financial independence.  

Through her work, she creates direct access to complicated financial topics and untangles the knot of technical terms as well as various ideas and concepts. As a result, you can identify and classify investment opportunities on your own.  

The financial blog "Depotstudent" 

The author of this blog proves that you do not necessarily have to have worked in the financial sector for many years to provide valuable advice. Since its inception during the author's studies, many experts have joined the team.  

The target group of the blog are especially people who are looking for an alternative to the uneconomical savings account. If you want to start your own investment, "Depotstudent" is the right place for you. Here, even the most complex topics are explained in an understandable way.  

The financial blog "Finanzwesir"

With his financial blog, the author especially wants to pick up people who want a simple introduction to the topics of investing and finance.  

Reading the articles is intended to develop a basic knowledge that helps to make important financial decisions confidently without outside help. Since the author has also acquired his wealth of knowledge himself, he knows exactly what he is talking about.  

The blog's relaxed and refreshing writing style, which clearly stands out from competitors in the industry, is also particularly positive. This makes reading twice as much fun!

The financial blog "Relationship Investors" 

The topic of finances in relationships is often tabooed by society and therefore offers a lot of potential for conflict. But it doesn't have to be that way, if the experts of the "Relationship Investors" blog have their way.  

In the blog you will receive important information and impulses on how to plan finances together as a couple and invest them well. This benefits not only your wallet, but also your partnership.  

The financial blog "Tim Schäfer Media"

As a business journalist and reporter from the New York Stock Exchange, Tim Schäfer knows all about finance and investments. He is also an author for stock market letters and Aktien-Magazin.  

It is therefore all the more surprising that his own financial blog comes without complicated explanations and takes a clear and refreshing look at current events.  

The financial blog "Dividenden Adel"  

As a former investment advisor and successful investor, the author of the blog knows exactly what the financial industry is all about and can also explain to you how to invest professionally.  

The approach is transparent and explained in a way that is easy to understand. In addition, you will receive regular tips and will be kept up to date about trends on the stock market.  

The financial blog "Aktienrebell"

"Aktienrebell" is not without reason one of the most popular finance blogs in Germany. In addition, the knowledge is also disseminated via the podcast of the same name.  

In addition to valuable tips for successful investing, the blog also clarifies "supposed" but intrinsically dubious investment tips and wants to prevent you from falling for a scam.  

Conclusion: Financial blogs are a source worth reading for interested parties

As you must have noticed, there is a wide range of informative German finance blogs that can help you get valuable information that will help you make financial decisions on your own.  

The complex stock market thus becomes more tangible for you in understandable articles and that too free of charge. You can build up a comprehensive knowledge base on the subject of finance and find an investment strategy that suits you and your needs.  

Would you like to learn more about investments and the aspect of sustainability? Moniflo also offers you many opportunities to expand your knowledge.  

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Georges Bock is the CEO and founder of Moniflo. He sees money and investing as a way to shape the future by taking a bottom-up approach. He lives in Luxembourg with his family and his dog Yola and enjoys nothing more than watching his two children discover the world.


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