Luxembourg, July 12, 2022 - Today, the fintech for values-based investors, Moniflo, officially launches its beta program.

Moniflo gives values-driven people the tools and data they need to build wealth while making a positive impact on the world. For beginners or experts, Moniflo is the impact-led platform that focuses on transparency, letting individuals express their values, and working towards a financially and sustainably better future for all. 

“Over the past year, we’ve had hundreds of conversations with conscious and critical people who want to take investment decisions into their own hands. They want to know what their investments contribute, but it feels like an impossible task. That’s what we want to change with Moniflo,” says Founder and CEO, Georges Bock.

Moniflo aims to make investing transparent, affordable, and for everyone. The fintech will be a go-to service for people to put their money to work in line with their values: a platform for trained investors to upskill and an easy and accessible entrance for those taking their first steps. To be truly affordable, the fintech has made investment accounts and transactions completely free of charge for its users: all the costs are borne by the asset managers listing funds on the platform.

Moniflo empowers people to put their money to good use

The fintech stands for putting money to good use so that people and the planet can blossom. In the app, users will see the impact of their investments visualized as an herbarium of “Moniflowers”. It represents a long-term approach to growth: for the individual and the planet.

Launch of beta, available to all in Q4 of 2022

After a pre-seed round led by a group of Luxembourg-based angels in April last year, Moniflo is now launching its beta. The app should be available to the general public from Q4 of 2022. As soon as the supervisory authorities have given the “green light”, users will be able to invest in their own unique world view. Until then, interested investors will be able to subscribe to their waitlist.

About us

Moniflo was launched in 2021 by Georges Bock. Moniflo is the investing platform for the critical and the conscious. It gives values-driven people the tools and data they need to build wealth while making an impact. Moniflo aims to make investing transparent, affordable and for everyone. It is being launched by InvestRE, a fintech for technology innovation in sustainable finance. 

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