Luxembourg, July 12, 2022 - Moniflo, the fintech company for all people who want to invest sustainably (values-based), officially starts its pilot phase in Germany.  

If you are interested in sustainable investments, Moniflo is the right place for you. The app provides exactly the selection options and information that potential investors need. Moniflo is not only about building wealth, but also about promoting sustainability and making our world a better place every day. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the impact-focused platform emphasizes transparency, individual choice of sustainable targets, and co-creation of a better future by all for all, both on a financial and sustainability level.  

"Over the past year, we have had hundreds of conversations with people in Germany who like to take investment decisions into their own hands. They want to know and be able to understand what their investments are contributing to. So far, however, this seems to be an impossibility. Transparency is a thing of the past, as are individual choices. That's exactly what we want to change with Moniflo," says founder and CEO Georges Bock.

With Moniflo, sustainable investments become transparent, affordable and possible for everyone. The fintech company aims to become the top address for those who want to grow their money in line with their values and beliefs: for already experienced investors to get targeted information and make more conscious decisions, as well as for newcomers looking for an easy-to-understand entry into the investment world. In order to be truly affordable for everyone, the company has made its investment accounts and transactions completely free for its users: all costs are borne by the asset managers offering funds on the platform.

Investing with Moniflo: making the world a little better every day

The fintech company stands for using money as a contribution to a better world, so that our earth for us today as well as for our children in the future.

remains a livable space.For this reason, the app creates an individual digital flower garden of so-called "moniflowers" for each user, as a symbolic representation of how his or her investments positively change the world. The flower garden thus symbolizes long-term positive growth: for the user and his or her environment.

Start of pilot phase, available for all in Q4 2022

Following a pre-seed round in April last year, Moniflo is now launching the pilot phase for German customers. The app is scheduled to be available from Q4 2022. Once the regulatory authorities have given the go-ahead, users will be able to give their money their very own individual voice. Those who do not want to wait until then can already sign up as an interested investor on the waiting list offered by Moniflo.  

About us

The investment platform Moniflo was founded in 2022 by Georges Bock. It enables people to grow their savings on their own responsibility and at the same time steer the world in a more sustainable direction. The goal is to make investing easy to understand, affordable and immediately actionable for everyone. Moniflo was launched by investre, a fintech company for digital innovation in sustainable finance.

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