Today, the fintech for values-based investors, Moniflo, officially launched a Luxembourg-language version of its investing app (currently in beta). It's the first investing app to support the Luxembourgish language.

CEO and Founder Georges Bock explained:

"Every idea starts with a problem, and ours was people not feeling at home in the world of investment funds. But it wasn't enough to make our finance app transparent, affordable and jargon-free-we wanted to go one step further for our local population and finally offer an investing app in the Luxembourgish language. It's about making investing accessible to all, not just a privileged few."

Moniflo automatically determines the language of the app based on users' mobile device settings. However, during testing, Moniflo discovered that many Luxembourgers set their main language to English, German or French, as most apps aren't available in the local language. For this reason, Moniflo also allows users to manually update their app language in the profile section of the app.

In addition to Luxembourgish, the app is also available in English, French and German. Early this year, Moniflo will extend multilingual support to their website and emails so that users get a seamless experience in the language of their choice.

The app is currently in early access beta testing. Luxembourgers wishing to test out investing can download a practice account loaded with EUR 10,000 in artificial currency by visiting the Moniflo website(

Moniflo gives values-driven people the tools and data they need to build wealth while making a positive impact on the world. For beginners or experts, Moniflo is the impact-led platform that focuses on transparency, letting individuals express their values, and working towards a financially and sustainably better future for all.